Supporter Profile: I Will Not Stand on the Sidelines

I grew up in rural North Carolina, where my closest neighbors were chicken houses and school was a 40-minute bus ride away. It was the 1980s, and not an easy time or place to be a gay kid. At the age of 14, my mother left me behind to fend for myself. In that instant, everything changed.

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Public Testimony in Idaho: Fighting Anti-Muslim Bills with Inclusivity, Hope, and Courage

The Idaho Legislature is currently considering an “American and Idaho Laws for Idaho Courts” bill, which its sponsor, Rep. Eric Redman (R-Athol) claims to be necessary to regulate Idaho courts’ use and recognition of foreign law. This is the third consecutive year Redman has introduced this bill in Idaho, which is rooted in the unfounded idea that Muslims seek to impose Islamic Sharia law on U.S. courts. Even though the bill avoids direct reference to Sharia law, its intent is widely seen as an effort to target only one religious group—people of the Muslim faith. On February 15th, 2018, Steve Martin, Pride Foundation Regional Philanthropy Officer in Idaho, gave testimony against this bill.

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The Brian M. Day Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Brian M. Day in 1993 to support Puget Sound area gay men of color who have significant financial need and demonstrate activism in the LGBTQ community and in communities of color. Words about the Creator: Brian M. Day was born in Seattle on May 6, 1960. He was raised in

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Pride Foundation Regional Scholarships

Pride Foundation Regional Scholarships for residents of areas outside of King County where Pride Foundation is working to enhance the leadership of the LGBTQ and ally community: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Northwest/Southwest Washington.

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AIDS Project Snohomish County

AIDS Project Snohomish County for residents of Snohomish County, Washington whose lives have been impacted by HIV and/or where HIV-related service encompasses their educational and professional goals.

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Walker-Solveson Scholarship

Walker-Solveson Scholarship for junior and senior undergraduate students of any four-year institution whose significant financial need will cause disruption or possible discontinuation of their studies.

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