3 Cool Things this September: Scholarship Celebrations, Regional Gathering, and Resistance in Montana

At Pride Foundation, we find grounding in the connections we have to our community across the Northwest and the incredible ways LGBTQ+ people show up for one another—and that’s our theme for our 3 Cool Things happening in Pride Foundation’s ecosystem this month: 

  1. After many years of having to pause them, we are bringing back our Scholarship Celebrations! We can’t wait to celebrate our PF scholars from the past few years! Our first one is in Seattle on October 11th (RSVP here) and our next one will be in Portland on November 14th (please save the date).  
  2. The PF Team is getting out and about and will be hosting more gatherings around the region this fall and spring. Our first one will be on November 2nd in Spokane – we hope you can join us (RSVP here)! We will also be hosting a Year in Review on December 6th virtually for the whole region (invite coming soon).  
  3. After a brutal legislative session this year, we love this powerful display of resistance that activists in Missoula created in front of the courthouse where the first lawsuit against SB 99, an awful piece of anti-trans legislation that prevents trans youth from receiving gender-affirming care, was being held.  And we love that a judge has approved a temporary injunction blocking this bill! 

Mt Trans People Will Live Forever


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