Some people might call this an annual report.

We call it our Gratitude Report.

Thousands of donors, volunteers, grantees, and scholars from all parts of the Northwest share Pride Foundation’s vision of a world in which all LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and families enjoy the freedom to live safely, openly, and genuinely.

Together, we invest in organizations, students, and leaders in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington—transforming individual acts of courage into a unified movement for change. For all this, we share our gratitude.


Check out our Gratitude Reports from over the years:

2018-2019 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2017-2018 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2016-2017 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2015-2016 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2014-2015 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2013-2014 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2012-2013 Gratitude Report (PDF)
2011-2012 Gratitude Report (PDF) 
2010-2011 Gratitude Report (PDF)

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