Each year, we are thrilled to partner with an outstanding and diverse group of individuals and organizations to host events that support the initiatives, programs, and community vision of Pride Foundation.

From large gala to intimate dinner party, these events across the region have often been the first introduction to Pride Foundation for so many within our communities, and are an excellent way to give and get involved in the work for equity and justice. Now, in an effort to keep our communities safe, all of our events have gone virtual!  

Upcoming Events Near You


Tend! A Celebration of Community: This annual event brings together Pride Foundation’s community for a memorable evening of performances, storytelling, and celebration! Learn more today.

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House Parties: The vast majority of Pride Foundation’s community of supporters are introduced to our work through friends and family. Whether gathering in person or online, we know that connection is more important than ever. We have all the tools you need to successfully host an in-person or virtual house party on behalf of Pride Foundation!

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Throughout the year, many of our incredible volunteers and supporters from across the region host house parties on behalf of Pride Foundation. If you’re interested in hosting your own Pride Foundation house party, or attending one near you, check out our house party page!

With any other questions or updates about events, please contact Helen Stillman, Assistant Director of Community Engagement, or call 206.736.6032.

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