3 Cool Things this June: Pride, Celebration, Action

As we wrap up Pride month, I am filled with gratitude for all our community has done and offered to Pride Foundation and to one another this year. As LGBTQ+ communities continue to face big challenges in schools, in healthcare settings, in legislatures throughout our region and beyond, I am heartened by the many forms of resistance, support, and care that I have witnessed this year.

Earlier this month, we hosted our annual fundraiser and community celebration, Tend, and I’m excited to share 3 Cool Things about Tend:

  1. Over 300 people gathered at 6 simultaneous events in 5 states and 3 time zones for Tend this year, and an additional 100 people viewed the livestreamed program during or after the event! In addition to honoring Pride Foundation’s grantee partners, scholarship recipients, and CARE work, Tend is an opportunity for us to connect across the region on both the issues affecting LGBTQ+ people and the forms of resistance we practice and share with one another.
  2. We raised more money than we ever have at a single event in Pride Foundation’s history, breaking multiple goals during the evening! For us, this is a sign that LGBTQ+ communities are responding to the current attacks by showing up for one another – and in our role as a funder and convener, we will continue to do our part to get as many resources as we can out the door to LGBTQ+ communities with a focus BIPOC and rural communities across our region. 
  3. So many of YOU made this possible! Thank you to everyone who made this gathering possible – including TransVisible Montana whose work we highlighted, to the numerous scholar alums who sent in their stories, to our Tend host committee, attendees and every one of you who contributed. Thank you for being part of Pride Foundation’s community and work! 

Another cool thing is that we aren’t done yet! We still have a few days left to reach our goal of $300,000! Help us finish Pride Month out strong!

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