Defending and Advancing Hard-Fought Progress

Pride Foundation was founded to build a better world for LGBTQ+ people and our families—one that not only recognizes our humanity but protects it. Convincing our government to help achieve this vision was, and remains, no small task.

Our humanity has been denied in countless ways over the years, and we know that rights are not won in a singular moment—but must instead be protected continuously.

In the current political climate, it is critical that foundations engage in public education and advocacy efforts, in addition to, and in support of, grantmaking. Together, we must use every strategy at our disposal to advocate for a better world.

It is these advocacy and public education efforts that helped humanize our community during the HIV & AIDS crisis and win marriage equality. Pride Foundation will continue to work on the ground across our region to defend and advance our progress through policies, initiatives, and legislation that will impact our communities for years to come.


Recent and Ongoing Campaign Work

Initiatives 1515 & 1552 in Washington

These ballots sought to repeal longstanding anti-discrimination protections for transgender Washingtonians, but were defeated through the collaboration of three campaigns, each of which Pride Foundation was a founding member. Washington Won’t Discriminate, TRANSform Washington, and WA SAFE Alliance focused on public education, cross-sector coalition-building, and engagement of grassroots groups.

Montana Locker Room Privacy Act

Alongside local organizational partners, Pride Foundation mobilized LGBTQ+ Montanans and allies to come out in force against statewide legislation targeting transgender people—resulting in this discriminatory bill failing in a bipartisan vote.

Anchorage Proposition 1

These efforts sought to repeal Anchorage’s recently passed anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ Alaskans. Pride Foundation, alongside a coalition of community partners and local activists utilized public education and advocacy efforts to defeat this disastrous measure.


Recent and Ongoing Initiatives

Workplace Equality through Shareholder Advocacy

Pride Foundation has successfully worked with nearly 30 companies to add anti-discrimination protections to their employment policies, impacting more than 3.3 million employees worldwide. These policies remain critical in places like Alaska, Idaho, and Montana, where people can still be legally fired for being LGBTQ+.

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