Introducing the 2023 Pride Foundation Scholars!

We at Pride Foundation are so grateful that we completed yet another amazing application cycle for our community of scholars! We are now happy to announce that we are awarding 113 applicants with 154 awards totaling a landmark amount of $759,600!
Our scholars come from and are going into a vast array of fields, using their education and lived experience to better the world they live in, both for themselves and the communities they belong to. Their majors range from indigenous studies, social work, psychology, medicine, music education, environmental justice, nursing, political science, urban studies, computer science, healthcare administration, computer science, economics and beyond!
I am so proud to introduce you to our 2023 Pride Foundation Scholars! You can read more about this year’s incredible scholars here on our website.
We recognize that the past several years have been an especially challenging time for our students moving into and sustaining themselves in their higher education journey while battling anti-Blackness, national attacks on LGBTQ+ people and trans people specifically, and the COVID-19 pandemic, all while navigating increased school costs.
We are tremendously proud of our community of scholars who continue to embody the epitome of excellence and leadership in their own lives, in their families, in their home communities, in their fields of study, in their workplaces, and in our movements for justice. Our scholarship program, and support for this year’s incredible recipients, would not have been possible without organizational and donor support, our amazing scholarships team, and our dedicated team of 59 volunteer reviewers. We are more than grateful.
More About Our 2023 Scholars!
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Every single one of these 2023 Pride Foundation Scholars is critical to our movements for justice across the Northwest.
As we look forward to the next application cycle beginning in October, we want to take a pause to commend not only the award recipients, but all of our applicants. Though we are saddened that we could not fund all 800 of our applicants, we remain deeply committed to funding as many scholars as we can now and in the future and we truly look forward to hitting a higher groundbreaking award total each and every cycle with your continued support!
Once again, we are incredibly proud of the scholars and the Pride Foundation community that makes this process continuously result in financial support for our LGBTQ+ students as they move further on their path to be integral to the transformation of our world. We are most certainly looking forward to the next cycle, but for now- let us rejoice and give our scholars their flowers!

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