Announcing the Inaugural TRANSform Culture Fellowship Cohort

Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! 

We are celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month by announcing our inaugural TRANSform Culture Fellowship cohort! This fellowship project is part of our Community Advocacy, Research, and Education (CARE) Department and is the product of three generations of Departmental leadership by and for Transgender+ people.  

The goal of our CARE Department is to help create a Northwest that is inhospitable to harm directed at LGBTQ+ communities. Our TRANSform Culture Program, and this Fellowship especially, is our unapologetic commitment to centering and sustaining Transgender+ individuals and communities in the service of that goal.   

The TRANSform Culture Fellowship is a paid 12-month fellowship for individuals in the Northwest who engage in advocacy (broadly defined) and identify as both BIPOC and Transgender, Two-Spirit, Non-binary, and/or Intersex. During the year, fellows learn and practice narrative justice skills (particularly through story-collection/story-sharing events with other BIPOC Transgender+ folks), receive career support and professional development, and build community with other Transgender+ Northwesterners.  

In previous years, we experimented with launching a pilot project called the Village Council focused on our narrative justice work, but it has since evolved into an alumni network for people who complete the fellowship. This new fellowship project and our newly reimagined Village Council project work in tandem to directly support a network of Trans+ Northwesterners for solidarity and action, while creating an additional vehicle through which we can further celebrate and invest in our BIPOC Transgender+ community.  

Stay tuned for more updates about our Village Council project and ways to collaborate with that network. Please join us in celebrating our inaugural cohort of TFC Fellows and Future TFC Village Council members by reading more about them below!  


MoHagani Magnetek (she/her) – Fairbanks, Alaska
Processed With Vsco With V8 Preset
T MO (they/them) – Juneau, Alaska 










Brandon Connolly (he/him) – Twin Falls, Idaho
Aodhàn Crawford (they/he/she) – Boise, Idaho










Delaiah Robinson (they/them) – Missoula, Montana
Mija C. (they/them) – Missoula, Montana












JJ (ze/zir/they/them/theirs) – Portland, Oregon
Úmi Vera (she/her) – Hillsboro, Oregon











Jesse Guecha (he/she/they) – Olympia, WA
Mattie Mooney (they/them) – Tacoma, WA










If you are BIPOC and identify as Transgender, Two-Spirit, Nonbinary, and/or Intersex, and are interested in applying for the fellowship, stay tuned for our open application that will be available in Spring 2024.  

For any questions about the CARE Department’s work, or anything else related to Pride Foundation’s mission to celebrate and sustain Transgender+ livelihoods and joy, please contact our Director of CARE, Omni (  

With pride,   

they/them (English) & elle/les (Español)
Director of CARES

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