Join us in Commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Today we are celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day focused on honoring the legacies, histories, and cultures of Native American and Indigenous communities.   

On this day and every day, Pride Foundation is committed to lifting up the voices, experiences, and brilliance of Indigenous peoples’, and sharing our gratitude for the way their views and values have impacted our world, past, present and future.   

We explicitly and intentionally prioritize LGBTQ+ Native American and Two Spirit people in our grantmaking, our scholarships, and in our Community Advocacy, Research, and Education (CARE) work at Pride Foundation. The systemic and deep impacts of discrimination in employment, housing, and healthcare, as well as the higher rates of gender-based violence, poverty, substance use, health issues, and suicide have on LGBTQ+ Native American and Two Spirit people. 

Whether in the organizations we fund, the LGBTQ+ student leaders we support, the community partnerships we build, or the stories we tell, you can clearly see the impact of this priority in action—and we also know that Indigenous Peoples’ Day is an opportunity for us to do even more.   

Please join us on in commemorating Indigenous Peoples’ Day in your community. For all of us residing on lands that are not our own, we encourage you to find direct ways to honor the past and current legacies of the stewards of these lands. For example, you can participate in paying Real Rent Duwamish and sign up for action opportunities to support the Duwamish people.    

We invite you to also join us in supporting our grantee partners whose critical work focuses on serving LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Native and Indigenous communities, including: 


Biiluukè Strong (MT)  

Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition, Inc. (MT)  

Indian People’s Action (MT) 

Indigenous Idaho Alliance (ID)  

Montana Two Spirit Society (MT)  

Native Movement (AK) 

You can read more about the work of our grantee partners here, the background of our scholars here, and the work of our CARE department here  

In celebration,  


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