Rooted in Resistance: The 49th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots—the uprising that served as a catalyst for the LGBTQ movement as we know it. The changes we have seen in the past 49 years have been nearly unimaginable, and many within our communities never thought they would see this kind of progress in their lifetimes. However, that progress has not been equally felt by everyone in our community. Many of the barriers that LGBTQ people of color in particular face on a daily basis are the very same as in 1969.

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Meeting the Masterpiece Cakes Decision with Renewed Determination

Today, in a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a long-awaited decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. While their narrow ruling in favor of a business owner in Colorado, who refused to sell a gay couple a wedding cake, does not have the sweeping scope and broad impact on civil rights laws it could have had, it is still a serious loss for our community.

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#GiveBig Impact Infographics!

Today is the last-ever GiveBig! Every gift made to Pride Foundation before midnight tonight will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000.        

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The Stories Behind the Numbers

40% of youth experiencing homelessness in the United States identify as LGBTQ. The most commonly cited reason for this? Family rejection. This is a statistic many of us have heard regularly over the past few years, but attempting to fully understand the reality of this figure—the individuals and the stories behind the number, and the true impact on the lives of so many young people in our community—can be daunting and overwhelming.

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A Unique Approach to Ending Youth Homelessness in Anchorage and King County

Early last year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced $33 million in funding to ten communities to participate in the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)—a multi-year program intended to help communities reduce the number of youth experiencing homelessness. Of the 130 cities across the country that submitted applications, Seattle/King County and Anchorage were 2 of the 10 selected communities. Since then, Pride Foundation staff have been fortunate enough to support both of these efforts.

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The Journey to End LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in Montana: April Update

I was born and raised here in Helena, Montana. I grew up playing sports, spending time with friends, running up the big hill behind our house, and enjoying everything Montana has to offer with my family. We went camping, hiking, and I tried fishing with my dad (and quickly learned it wasn’t my thing). Like many of my chosen family in the LGBTQ community, I knew something about myself long before I came to terms with it.

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