Dear Me at 35

In 2020, Pride Foundation turns 35, and we have been reflecting on what we have faced in our communities since 1985, what we are facing today, and what the future holds.

We began this postcard series to reflect on some of the voices and stories that make up our movements for justice—to connect us across generations and experiences, to remind us of our individual and collective resilience, and to inspire us to dream expansively about what we can make possible together.

This project was made possible by the close friends of Pride Foundation who shared their stories, the incredible local artists who created visual art pieces, and the brilliant designers who brought it all to life. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy these stories, and that you scroll down to share your own!

What would you tell your 35 year-old self?

Now it’s your turn! In the comment box below, you can write a note to yourself at 35. Then we can incorporate your voice and story as part of this series, some of which we will share on Pride Foundation social media.

We hope you take a moment to share your story—your hopes, beliefs, and truths. We believe our stories have the
power to create connection, deepen understanding, and spur dialogue and action that can change the world.

Please join us in this dialogue—and in supporting the next 35 years of Pride Foundation.

*Note: We unfortunately won’t be able to share all of the stories we receive on social media. If your “Dear Me at 35” is shared, we will only share your story, your first name, and your age. Please feel free to opt out below if you’d rather we did not share!

Dear Me at 35




Sharing Opt-Out: If you do NOT want us to share, no problem. If you wish to opt-out, please select ‘opt-out’ below.

Please join us in supporting the next 35 years of Pride Foundation.

Our deepest gratitude to all who made this project possible. 

Featured Storytellers

Jeff Sakuma
Eve Gourley
Evon Mahesh

Featured Artists
Ethan X Parker
Brandon Thomas

Postcard Designer
Story 2 Designs is a people-of-color-led, worker-owned design cooperative dedicated to providing the creative muscle for people, projects, and organizations walking a path toward a more just and thriving planet.

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