Snapshots from a life-changing journey

We have been on a life-changing journey together these past 2 years. In this moment, it feels like we are collectively holding the weight of all we have experienced, lost, learned, and withstood.  

We offer these snapshots of some of the moments and memories that, for us at Pride Foundation, have brought what truly matters into sharp focusthe moments that grounded us in purpose, the moments that gave us glimpses of a different world, the moments that illustrated that our communities inspire profound hope. 

Park Digital Front

In The Park Digital Back

Pnw Beach Update

Pnw Beach Digital Back

Protest Digital Front@878x

Protest Digital Back

Clinic Digital Front

Clinic Digital Back

Still Developing Digital Front@878x

Still Developing Digital Back

Thank you for bringing into focus a future where all LGBTQ+ people can live as our whole, beautiful selves—in high definition and vivid color—in all the places we call home. 

Bringing our future into focus

During a year filled with fear, grief, and uncertainty, Pride Foundation’s community came together in extraordinary ways to support one another. The profound generosity from our supporters like you helped us move historic amounts of resources to LGBTQ+ organizations and scholars in the Northwest this year.  

During some of the hardest days, we offered one another hope. Together, we kept fighting for justice. We kept showing up for one another. We did not let anyone in our community weather the challenges of the last 2 years alone. That is what gives us hope.   

Today, this tremendous show of support continues to ripple out across our communities—and we need to keep this momentum going. There is so much at stake, and it will take every single one of us. 

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