Community care keeps us alive and plants seeds for queer and trans futures.  

Community care is the antidote for isolation, exploitation, and oppression. We create the joy, rest, pleasure, and healing we need to sustain and transform ourselves. For queer and trans people, there are infinite possibilities for how we protect and care for each other—and this fund supports our collective efforts to practice that care.  

For us, community care is any effort to respond to community threats, harms, needs, hopes, and healing. Whether it’s mutual aid, safety planning, opportunities for healing, or any number of practices—we want to help support whatever “community care” means to you 

For this fund—and for all our grant funding—we prioritize funding queer and trans organizations for and by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC). Our application process is flexible, and funds are unrestricted.

For details about who is eligible, how to apply, and our funding priorities, process, and timeline, check out our QTBIPOC Community Care Fund Guidelines. 

Community Care Fund Guidelines

Learn more about who is eligible, how to apply, and our funding priorities, process, and timeline

Helpful Details

  • The CCF application does close temporarily throughout the year so grant officers have time to reflect on and integrate community feedback to ensure the fund is meeting community needs. Review timeline dates will be announced and updated throughout the year.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis when the grant is open and are reviewed monthly
  • This funding is unrestricted, unless you want it to be restricted.
  • Award amounts are generally no less than $10,000 
  • There are two methods for submitting a grant application: written application or phone interview with a Grants Officer*
  • If you want translated versions of the application, email us! We strive to practice accessibility so let us know about any other ways we can be more accessible  
  • As of December 2022, we have moved all of $551,000 of this grant, so we are no longer accepting applications.

* Depending on the number of requests, we may not be able to accommodate your group for a phone interview due to limited staff capacity. We aim to prioritize phone interviews for groups in which a written narrative is not accessible. Your organization must also meet all the basic general eligibility for a phone interview to ensure everyone’s time and labor is honored and respected. To schedule a phone interview, email us at

Important Updates and Deadlines

The Community Care Fund is officially closed. Since opening the fund in June 2022, we have officially moved all $551,000 to 15 organizations across Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The fund will re-open again between April & June in 2023.

Please email if you have any questions.

For the full details, check out our Community Care Guidelines »  


Community Care Fund Grantees

African Community Development (Idaho) $10,000
Alphabet Alliance of Color (AAoC) (Washington) $50,000
Amundsen Youth Services (Alaska) $25,000
Beyond These Walls (Oregon) $30,000
Biiluukè Strong (Montana) $6,000
Chinatown International District Mutual Aid (Washington) $100,000
Edúcate Ya (Portland) $30,000
Gender Justice League (Washington) $25,000
Lifewerq Project (Washington) $150,000
Liberation Medicine School (Washington) $20,000
Montana Two Spirit Society (Montana) $35,000
Point of Pride (Oregon) $15,000
QLaw Foundation of Washington (Washington) $15,000
Stonewall Youth (Washington) $20,000
Western Montana LGBTQ Community Center (Montana) $20,000


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