Grant fund overview

  • For this grant, the definition of ‘community care’ is broad; ‘community care’ is any collective efforts to protect and care for queer and trans communities
  • This funding will be unrestricted (unless you want it to be restricted)  
  • Award amounts are generally no less than $10,000; however, if you want less than that, we can honor your request! 
  • There are two methods for submitting a grant application: 1) phone interview with a Grants Officer, or 2) written application. To schedule a phone interview, email us at If you want translated versions of the application, email us! We strive to practice accessibility so let us know about any other ways we can be more accessible
  • We’ve allocated $551,000 for this grant to move from now until March 2023


More about community care

We define “community care” as any effort to respond to community threats, harms, needs, hopes, and healing. We welcome your own definitions and practices of community care. Examples of community care include, but are not limited to:    

  • Mutual aid and financial relief 
  • Community organizing, policy advocacy, political education and mobilization
  • Gifts cards & stipends for community members  
  • Access to housing, transportation & health care i.e. rent support, mental health, gender affirming care & abortion access 
  • Opportunities for rest, grieving, healing, play, pleasure, and joy  
  • Bringing community together though virtual and in person events  
  • Protecting people from violence, criminalization, incarceration, detention, and deportation e.g. bail and legal fees    
  • Leadership and professional development, for topics ranging from herbalism to accounting  
  • Language access and justice i.e. captioning, interpretation and translation  
  • Food access and justice 
  • Land access and justice 
  • Conflict resolution, accountability and efforts to address trauma and harm 
  • Safety planning 
  • Disaster and crisis preparation and response  
  • Administrative and technological support for events, programs, and organizations (e.g. hardware, software & licensing) 

Grant award priorities: who & what we fund

We prioritize funding queer, trans, and gender diverse organizations for and by Black, Brown, Indigenous and other Racialized Peoples (BBIRP).  

We prioritize funding BBIRP-led LGBTQIA2S+ organizations that practice the following social justice values. We don’t expect organizations to practice all of these values, and we hope to learn more about what’s important to you:   

  • Racial justice   
  • Anti-colorism 
  • Gender Justice  
  • Feminism 
  • Disability Justice 
  • Reproductive Justice  
  • Fat Liberation  
  • Prison Abolition  
  • Transformative Justice  
  • Economic Justice and anti-capitalism 
  • Healing Justice   
  • Climate & Environmental Justice  
  • Housing Justice 
  • Immigration Justice 
  • Anti-imperialism and anti-militarism  
  • Decolonization 
  • Anti-ageism 

We prioritize BBIRP-led LGBTQIA2S+ organizations for and by the following people. We don’t expect organizations to have every identity present, we are excited to learn more about your communities:   

  • People living with HIV/AIDS   
  • People discriminated by colorism 
  • Queer people 
  • Trans people   
  • Non-binary, Two-Spirit, and Gender Expansive People  
  • Women and people discriminated by misogyny and patriarchy    
  • People with disabilities   
  • People targeted by sizeism and fatphobia  
  • People who are targeted by law enforcement, incarcerated, and criminalized    
  • People whose livelihoods are criminalized e.g. sex work   
  • People exploited and harmed by capitalism
  • People harmed by climate change and disasters   
  • People harmed by pollution, resource extraction, and land appropriation 
  • People experiencing houselessness and housing instability   
  • Immigrants
  • Refugees 
  • People exploited and harmed by militarism, imperialism, and nationalism   
  • People exploited and harmed by colonization   
  • Youth  
  • Elders  

Eligibility: who can apply? 

  • Organizations whose work is focused on supporting LGBTQIA2S+ communities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington 
  • Organizations with 501c3 status or are fiscally sponsored
  • Organizations with equal or less than $750,000 budget or
    organizations with less than 5 staff (doesn’t have to be both); if you’re fiscally sponsored, the budget we consider is your group’s own budget not your fiscal sponsors 

If you believe that your organization is eligible to apply for this grant but are experiencing challenges with our approach or application process, please contact us at


Grant review process & timeline

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis until we’ve awarded all $551,000  
  • Applications received by June 27 Monday 9 AM AKDT // 9 AM AKDT // 10 AM PDT // 11 MDT // 11 MDT will be part of the first round of review that starts June 28 Tuesday  
  • Applications received by July 18 Monday 9 AM AKDT // 10 AM PDT // 11 MDT will be reviewed by the end of July. 
  • Applications received by August 15 Monday 9 AM AKDT // 10 AM PDT // 11 MDT will be reviewed by the end of August
  • It takes us about 3 weeks to review and make award decisions
  • Once you are notified of your application status, and if your grant is awarded, you should receive your payment within 2 weeks
  • In mid-August, we will update the grant review timeline for September 2022 onward 

Ready to Apply for a Community Care Fund grant?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the application as a PDF. Please note: this PDF isn’t the application, but simply the questions for reference. We encourage organizations to apply for this grant through our secure online portal

Yes. Email us at and we will be happy to provide a translated version of the application in the language you need. We strive to practice accessibility so let us know about any other ways we can be more accessible.  

We hope you will apply as many times as you need. Currently, this grant initiative has $551,000 for organizations across Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington. We anticipate awarding 23 – 34 grants this year.   

$10,000 – $20,000. That said, please ask for what you want and need.  

About 3 weeks. Pride Foundation Grants Officer(s) review applications; each application takes about 2-3 hours to evaluate. They then make recommendations for CEO and Board Executive Committee approval.  

Once you are notified of your application status, and if your grant is awarded, you should receive your payment within 2 weeks.  

No. All reporting is optional. There might be an optional phone call with a Grants Officer.  

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