Our organization has a program focused on LGBTQ+ communities, but our work serves a broader community. Are we a good fit for funding from Pride Foundation? 

Maybe. As outlined in our priorities, we are primarily focused on supporting smaller, grassroots, LGBTQ+ led and serving organizations who don’t have access to mainstream funding sources. We understand that in some places and communities, this work sometimes falls within organizations whose work is not only LGBTQ+ focused. 

If your organization is the only source of support for LGBTQ+ people in your community, you likely would be a fit. 

If your organization is led by QTBIPOC folks who are leading inherently from an intersectional perspective, you also are likely a fit. We understand that because of racism queer and trans folks of color may not have found space within the larger LGBTQ+ movement to do this work. As part of Pride Foundation’s racial equity work, we recognize the importance of expanding how LGBTQ+ advocacy and movement building looks in communities of color.

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