Building Workplace Equality through Shareholder Advocacy

At Pride Foundation, we use our endowment for more than grants, scholarships, initiatives, and policy advocacy—we also use it to bring inclusion to the companies in which we invest.

To date, we have worked with nearly 30 companies to update their non-discrimination policies to include sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. These changes have meant better protections for more than 3.3 million workers worldwide.

These policies remain especially critical in places like Alaska, Idaho, and Montana, where people can still be legally fired for being LGBTQ.


Advocacy in Action

We begin our work with companies by requesting in writing that they update their policies. If the company decides not to update their policy to include protections for LGBTQ+ workers, we file a shareholder resolution, which goes before all shareholders in the company. If necessary, a Pride Foundation volunteer attends their annual meeting, to explain to management and other shareholders about the necessity of these policies. 

Do you work for a publicly-traded company that does not have fully-inclusive non-discrimination policies? Learn more by contacting Jimbo Worm, Director of Finance and Operations.


Participating Organizations

Pride Foundation began our shareholder advocacy work in 1997 with McDonald’s and General Electric. Since that time, we have worked with WalMart, Proctor & Gamble, Expeditors, and many more.


McDonald’s 1999 1999 390,000
General Electric 1999 2000 327,000
Wal-Mart 2001 2003 2,100,000
Emerson Electric July 2000 2005 137,700
Exxon-Mobil 2005 2015 75,300
Expeditors International 2006 2008, Updated in 2015 by adding gender identity and expression 13,910
Precision Castparts Corp   2007 29,600
Glacier Bancorp 2008  2008 1,919
IdaCorp 2008 2008  2,044
Washington Group International 2006 2007 25,000
Proctor & Gamble 2008 2009 121,000
General 1999 2000 327000
Schnitzer Steel 2009 2014 3,643
Amgen   2010 17,900
Avista Corporation   2010 2,435
Amgen   2010 17900
Stillwater Mining 2013 2015 1,773
General Communications, Inc. 2013 2015 1,924
Greenbrier Companies   2014 7,959
PACCAR   2014 21,800
First Interstate Bancsys   2015 1,635
Mentor Graphics   2015 5,220
Alaska Communications Systems Group   2015 Over 700

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