Become a 2020 Scholarship Volunteer!

It’s that time of year again! Pride Foundation’s Scholarship application closed on Friday, and that means we are now looking for our newest team of volunteer scholarship reviewers. We thought we’d share words from some of our current volunteers about why they love reviewing scholarship applications!

As a former Pride Foundation Scholar, I really appreciate the opportunity to give students the same tangible and intangible support that I was lucky enough to receive when I was in college and grad school. And especially with everything going on in the world today, it’s always inspiring and heartening to see stories of people taking on leadership opportunities and working to make their communities a better place.” -Tonei

I’m inspired to read stories of young queer people expressing their identities without reserve. I’m energized to hear journeys of more experienced LGBTQ+ people returning to school to continue their education and open new employment opportunities!” – Alex

The most meaningful aspect of scholarship review is the privilege to be part of each person’s story. Each one is unique, and I love getting to know who they are—their strengths, vulnerabilities, insights, and courage. It’s inspiring, and it makes me excited for the future.” -Jimmy

In a time of extreme political and cultural divisiveness, I find scholarship review to be a source of renewal and inspiration. I always complete the process with a heart filled with hope for the future.” -Tabitha

Our community thrives when each of us can be our best true self. Alaska is remote and can feel very isolated, especially in our more rural communities. It can be hard to be fully yourself in a small community, and it can be hard to access post-secondary education. I support LGBTQ+ students because their success is important. The health and success of our communities depend upon it.” -Rayette

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about volunteering with Pride Foundation, and that you’ll share this opportunity with your friends, family members, and coworkers. Our goal is to have 200 volunteers signed up by January 24th, and we’d appreciate your help in spreading the word!


Eden Shore in Pride Foundation’s Volunteer Manager.

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