Eden Shore is a white, non-binary trans person raised in rural Washington by Californian hippies. After earning a BA in music from Scripps, a tiny women’s college, they landed in Seattle 16 years ago. Since then, they’ve worked in National Service and youth programs, and earned a Masters of Social Work from University of Washington. Eden is also a Pride Foundation alumni—they were a part of a fellowship program Pride Foundation ran briefly, which supported their transition from college to career as a first generation college student. Eden was a longtime Pride Foundation fan, and jumped on the opportunity to join this team in 2017. They’ve been a part of the programs team since then, and currently run the scholarships program. Eden’s passions for racial and social justice, organizational problem solving, personal emotional growth, and humor have found a real home here at Pride Foundation. Outside of work, you’ll find Eden playing with their literally angelic toddler, baking, tending plants, and wishing they were a non-fiction reader.

Favorite Quote: “Revolution is not a onetime event.” -Audre Lorde

Favorite Place in the Northwest: Any shoreline—where land and water and sky meet, it’s magic.

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