Melanie began mentoring and investing in the power of young people when she was in her teens and has never looked back. Over the past 20 years she has worked in nonprofit organizations that support young people to use their power, potential, and talent in personal, local, and global leadership. Melanie currently serves as Associate Director in the Seattle office of Summer Search, a national youth leadership development organization. She attended the University of Washington where she received a BA in Community, Environment and Planning, and subsequently, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Administration. As a transplant from Connecticut, she will forever be a double Husky — “go UCONN and UW” — and travels to visit family whenever she can, including her 7 nieces and nephews who are growing up so fast! Melanie craves outdoor adventures and can often be seen cycling around town on her light green bicycle named Sweet. Melanie has made a fun, friend, and yummy food-filled home in Seattle with her wife Tina and their beloved puggle, Theo. As a Pride Foundation volunteer she is inspired by the progress made toward equity for the LGBTQ community through its commitment to courage and perseverance. This progress gives her hope for social, environmental, and racial justice. Beginning in 2010 as a volunteer with the Scholarship Program, Melanie now chairs the Resource Development committee at Pride Foundation.

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