Craig Williams is the Programs Operations Manager for Pride Foundation. His work began by providing temporary database support, although he had already been building a relationship with Pride Foundation for several years by that time. Over 10 years later and through an evolving series of positions, he has become part of the organizations institutional memory. His education background is in architectural design and construction, but his strengths are best summed up as organizational. Craig worked for Seattle City Light’s environmental affairs department until he and his husband Daniel started their catering business. Craig grew up on the East Coast in New York and loves everything New England. However, while looking at graduate schools, he was introduced to Seattle and realized it was home. He and his husband Daniel made their home in Rainier Valley where Craig can pursue his interests in wood working and gardening. Cats rule the house, but are very welcoming to humans with opposable thumbs.

Favorite Quote: “Thanks, Obama” -President Barack Obama

Favorite Place in the Northwest: Port Townsend, WA

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