As part of our branding program we would like to ensure consistent usage of our logo and name. Please consult the Logo Style Guide below for proper logo usage.

For Web Usage (right click an image below and select “save image as” to download JPG file. For EPS, PNG, and TIFF files, please submit an email request):

Please use the color version where possible.

Pride Foundation


Pride Foundation


Pridefoundation Logo Bw Rev 300x100

For Print Usage:
 A spot color (Pantone/PMS) file is available in EPS format or 4-color process (CMYK) files are available in JPG, EPS, and TIFF formats. Files available upon request.

Additional Logo Requests

Please provide the following information:

  • How the logo will be used (print, web, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Size required
  • Color, Black , Reverse White on Black, or White Outline
  • File format (JPG, EPS, TIFF)

Logos are provided for our grant recipient organizations and approved community partner use only and must not be augmented or changed beyond sizing. Please contact Katelen Kellogg, Senior Communications Manager, with your questions and requests.

Logo Style Guide

Identity elements must always appear crisp, clear, and readable. The colors must be consistent regardless of the medium or reproduction process. To ensure uniformity, all reproductions must be taken from approved artwork and colors must be carefully matched.

  • The full-color version of the logo should be used whenever possible. In print applications, it can be reproduced with either spot colors (Pantone/PMS) or 4-color process (CMYK). Use the full color RGB logo for web and other screen applications.
  • If print colors are limited, the logo should print in black.
  • Use the white version of the logo on black and dark backgrounds.
  • The minimum allowable reproduction size is 1.25” in overall width in print applications and 375 pixels for on-screen applications.
  • The Pride Foundation logo should never be altered in any way. The following examples illustrate common incorrect uses of our logo. Please note that these are not intended to be a complete list.

Name Usage

In written acknowledgements, please note our organization name is written just as “Pride Foundation”. Please DO NOT use:

  • “PRIDE Foundation”
  • “Pride” (We don’t want to be confused with parades and festivals)
  • “The Pride Foundation”

Color Guide

Electric Plum:

  • Pantone 241 Coated
  • Pantone 240 Uncoated
  • P 83-8 (or DS 156-1) / C35, M100, Y0, K0   COATED and UNCOATED


  • Pantone 425 Coated
  • Pantone 426 Uncoated
  • P 179-12 / C0, M0, Y0, K78   COATED and UNCOATED

RGB (Screen):

  • Electric Plum: R 175, G 22, B 133 Hex #af1685
  • Charcoal: R 84, G 88, B 90 Hex #4d4d4f

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