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Thank you for you interest in supporting Pride Foundation through your IRA!

If you are age 72 or older, the IRS requires you to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) each year from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a non-tax deductible direct transfer of funds from your IRA, payable directly to a qualified charity, such as Pride Foundation, and can help satisfy your RMD for the year. QCDs are excluded from your taxable income at the end of the year.

If you’d like to consider making a distribution from your IRA, consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation. If you’d like to support Pride Foundation directly through a QCD, please notify us directly when you donate, including the amount and your financial institution name.  Some financial institutions send us checks without the donor’s name, and we may be unable to acknowledge receipt of these gifts without this information. Please don’t hesitate to contact Assistant Director of Community Engagement, Helen Stillman for more information. 


IRA donation information:

Pride Foundation
2014 E. Madison Street, Ste 300
(206) 323-3318

501(c)(3) EIN Tax ID: 91-1325007 

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