Pride Foundation turns 35 this year!

We are excited to commemorate this important milestone in the same spirit that Pride Foundation was founded—by bringing our communities together all across the Northwest to celebrate, connect, and build toward the next 35 years. Whether at a house party, a group activity, or a shared meal, we know in the value of creating intentional space and time to be in community together.

That is why over the course of 2020, Pride Foundation and community members across Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington will be hosting 35 parties, gatherings, and events to celebrate our 35 years.

A milestone like this is made special because of the inspiring, courageous, and resilient community that has made Pride Foundation all that it is for nearly 4 decades! We are looking forward to year of gatherings organized by our family of incredible supporters.

The idea is simple: invite your friends, family, colleagues, and community over to your house, a local brewery, out for karaoke, or for an outdoor BBQ at a public park. Share why you care about Pride Foundation, and invite them to get involved.

If you are interested in organizing one of these events, please let us know! We will add it to the growing list of events across the Northwest, and provide you any support needed to make it happen, including a full Party Kit!

Yes! I’m interested in learning more about hosting a 35th anniversary celebration.


35th Anniversary Celebrations

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