How do we know if we are a good fit for funding through Community Grants? 

We encourage you to read through the purpose and priorities listed above, and to reach out to our staff to talk this through, but here are a few questions to reflect on that might help you decide whether your organization is a good fit. 

Please note that it is not expected that your organization would answer yes to all of these questions in order to be considered for funding. In general, organizations who meet the priorities better will more likely get funding. These questions will help you evaluate how well your organization fits within our priorities. 

  1. Is your group or organization located in the Northwest region of the United States (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington)?
  2. Is the primary focus of our work on LGBTQ+ people and communities or do you have a major programmatic focus on LGBTQ+ people and communities? 
  3. Are you serving BIPOC communities intentionally and specifically? 
  4. Is your leadership reflective of the communities you serve?
  5. Are you the only, or one of few, organizations who are supporting LGBTQ+ communities in your area? 
  6. Are your efforts and services happening outside of major urban areas?
  7. Are you a smaller organization that lacks access to other funding sources? 
  8. Are you working with LGBTQ+ communities on one or more of the issues identified in priority 3 above?

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