Sharing (resources) is caring!

Through seemingly constant change and uncertainty, it has become clear that one form Pride Foundation’s response efforts can take right now is through resource sharing.

There are COVID-19 resource pages popping up on many different organizations’ websites, and our goal is to house those different links in one place, and curate it especially for LGBTQ+ organizations and for our Northwest footprint.

We are grateful to all of the many organizations who are working hard to keep their pages up to date, and it’s our hope that our page will help to gather these resource lists in the same place, and be relevant to the organizations that visit our site.


Organizational Support 


Individual & Family Support


Interested in adding your resource list to this page?

Rather than link to any specific resources on this page, this is a hub for other organization’s resource lists. For example, we have shared the Funders for LGBTQ Issues list of active COVID-19 response funds, but we will not be sharing the links to the individual funds themselves.

Does your resource list sound like a good fit? Please email Katelen Kellogg and thank you for your help!

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