Dr. MLK Jr. Day of Service through Connection + Action

There are two principles we have been holding especially close this past year at Pride Foundation: connection and action

These principles are core to who we are and what we do – building opportunities to bring our communities and movements together to take intentional and collective action in the fight for justice. Over the unique challenges of the past few years, channeling the power that is possible when we come together and direct our energy in a coordinated way has been vital.  

As we honor and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his extraordinary legacy on Monday, we are holding our principles of connection and action front and center as we lean heavily into this day as a day of service.  

This day is an opportunity to renew our commitment to one another and our community, and the importance of our collective action as we continue Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement fight for racial and economic justice.

We invite you this Monday to find opportunities to connect with community through service and action – whether it is volunteering your time, sharing your resources, or other ways of offering support.  

We encourage you to find ways especially to contribute your efforts on this day to the fight to end racism and anti-Blackness, and support BIPOC-led and serving groups and organizations who are leading this fight (you can find many among our grantee partner organizations!)  

We know that our movements for justice are only as strong as the people and communities who continue to fight within them, and that ultimately it will take all of us to create a world than can do better and be better. Please join us in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all he gave to our movements for justice, and the action he inspired among so many of us.

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