We’re here and we’re queer (all year): Your July 3 Cool Things

With so much tragedy that continues to happen in the world, June feels like a million miles away. In other ways, I still find myself in a deep state of reflection—and trying to learn and grow from everything that June and Pride month brought with it this year.

This Pride month was amazing in so many ways. Many of us were able to participate IRL for the first time in years. Those of us hosting events are finally getting the hang of this virtual event thing after two years. Everywhere I looked, there were meaningful, engaging, and fun opportunities to celebrate and connect in community.

But I won’t sugarcoat it—this Pride month was also really difficult. Our communities gathered as we could and celebrated, but we couldn’t pretend that there weren’t real and present safety concerns. We couldn’t ignore the dangerous climate fueled by a year of political and legislative attacks. And for so many in our communities, particularly trans BIPOC folks, navigating similar threats and safety concerns is not new—but already a daily lived reality.

In so many ways, anti-LGBTQ+ activities loomed large over this Pride month. This reality, combined with the devastating reversal of Roe v Wade, meant that many felt unsafe living, loving, and celebrating Pride month as our whole selves.

Today I could focus on the upsurge in violence and hatred that we saw in June—from a culture of intolerance fueled by political rhetoric, to attacks on local Pride events, to a violent attack at a German Pride parade, to protests and threats against children’s story hours, to a pastor’s call to violence against us, and more.

But I think hatred has had enough airtime. Instead, this 3 Cool Things email will highlight Pride month moments that celebrate the perseverance and strength of our communities. It will focus on Pride month as our month—30 days of proof that our pride, brilliance, and belief in ourselves and our communities cannot be outweighed by hatred and bigotry.

  1. Pride Foundation grantee partner North Idaho Pride Alliance hosted a fantastic Pride in the Park in Coeur d’Alene, despite a thwarted planned riot by white supremacists mere blocks away. You can read their statement here. Our hats are off to you, NIPA!
  2. Our Tend! event was a resounding success. We are so grateful to all who could join us virtually or in person! If you gave a gift, hosted a house party, sponsored the event, or volunteered—thank you for the incredible outpouring of support! With your help, we have raised more than $170,000 for LGBTQ+ communities across the Northwest, and we are not done yet!
  3. Our communities showed up to support Pride Foundation during Pride month—from Tend!, to proceeds from pottery and book sleeves and chocolate, to partner spotlight stories, to our dear friend’s children’s book, and everything in between. 

As we move through our post-June haze, I’m focusing on all of the ways we can continue to affirm to ourselves, our families, and our communities that we matter and that we are valued—all year round.
Because as we at Pride Foundation say on July 1st: we’re here and we’re queer (all year).


Katie Carter is Pride Foundation CEO. 

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