Your February 3 Cool Things

Before we dive into this month’s 3 Cool Things, we wanted to pause and send our thoughts to the people of Ukraine, and to honor their strength and determination in response to an unjust and unconscionable invasion.

This development over the past week, alongside the continued egregious and harmful anti-trans action and legislation being introduced across the country, and in Texas in particular, is weighing heavily on us and calling all of us to show up for one another with renewed energy and care.

What continues to give us hope is the strength, brilliance, and determination of our communities—and the incredible examples of care that we get to see every single day. It’s heartening to see that we’re all still growing, still working, and still learning together.

Here are three cool things our community has made possible over the past month: 

  1. Throughout Black History Month, we’ve been posting grantee partner features about incredible Black-led and serving organizations who are making history today on our social media accounts. You can find all of the organization profiles here, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you haven’t already! Today marks the last day of Black History Month, and we’ll continue to share profiles like these to celebrate Black history throughout the year. 
  2. We received 871 scholarship applications for our 2022 scholarship cycle. That’s the most we’ve ever received since the scholarship program began supporting LGBTQ+ students on their educational journeys in 1993! 
  3. Pride Foundation was featured alongside other organizations with COVID-19 relief funds in the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s 2021 Impact Report. Check it out!  

Thank you for all you do to support this shared work, and for your commitment to caring for our communities in the ways folks need it most.


Katie Carter is Pride Foundation CEO.

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