Your September 3 Cool Things

It’s been a busy month here at Pride Foundation, to say the least. I love that I get this time in these first days of autumn to pause, and reach out to the community that makes this work possible—the scholars, grantee partners, donors, and storytellers who make Pride Foundation a community foundation in the fullest sense.

Here are just three of the cool things happening this month that we couldn’t wait to tell you about:

  1. We’ve made some pretty major (and majorly exciting!) changes to our Community Grants Program. Part of why we’re so busy right now is that we’re getting ready to announce the largest total award amount in our Community Grants Program history—and our first multi-year grants ever! You can read about these changes in our latest blog. And stay tuned for our grant announcement in the coming weeks!
  2. We’re hosting a New Donor Virtual Happy Hour next week! Relationships are at the center of everything we do here at Pride Foundation, and we can’t wait to build even deeper relationships with folks who are new to our network of supporters. If you are a new(ish) donor to Pride Foundation (or have been around for a while and just want to find new ways to engage!), we hope you’ll join us Thursday Sept. 30 for happy hour. You can learn more and register here!
  3. Philanthropy Northwest’s We’re Built For This report is out. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it—our communities have shown up for one another throughout the pandemic. We are proud to be included in this new report covering the incredible impact that Northwest community foundations have made in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for being you, and for being there for our communities. Have we mentioned lately that we miss seeing you IRL? We hope to see you again soon and, until then, we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy.


Katie Carter is Pride Foundation CEO.

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