What Keeps One Scholar Going This Year

“When I’m going through my classes and I’m having a particularly hard time getting through it, I like to remind myself that, in the end, when I graduate, I get to be one of those people that helps other people understand that they’re beautiful and they’re valid and they matter.”
Maxwell Storm Blue is one of 127 LGBTQ+ and allied students across the Northwest who were awarded Pride Foundation Scholarships in 2020. As a young queer and trans person, Maxwell felt isolated and alone growing up—until he connected with other LGBTQ+ people in Idaho and began to learn about the history and traditions of resilience and power within community.

Now Maxwell continues the tradition and practice of community building in his life as a student of studio art in Idaho (you can watch his scholar profile video below!). He has served as the president of the Queers and Allies Club and Art Club at his college and is dedicated to helping new queer and trans students find connection and support .

“When you give to the world, it gives back in such a profound way.”

This year has held unprecedented obstacles for students as they have navigated disruptions to learning and community support, and confronted uncertainties in finances, health and housing—and still found hope and energy to fight injustice and to care for one another. With your support, Pride Foundation Scholarships totaled nearly $550,000 this year. As we look toward 2021, we know that LGBTQ+ students and leaders will continue to need the support of our communities now more than ever.

Please make a gift to support Pride Foundation today. Your support will help build a world where all LGBTQ+ people have what we need to thrive today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Being a part of this community with Maxwell, and with you, means the world. Together, we have all that it takes to create a brighter future. 

Maxwell Storm Blue

Maxwell Storm Blue (he/him) is studying Studio Art at the College of Western Idaho.

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