Current Public Education: TRANSform Washington

“I think what’s really powerful is my own self determination to be able to decide how I identify, and model that for my child.”

-Lourdez Velasco, featured in 2019 TRANSform Washington public education video

Launched in 2016 in the face of discriminatory anti-trans legislation, Pride Foundation’s TRANSform Washington program celebrates the dignity, diversity, and humanity of trans and gender diverse people through public education.

While the campaign in 2016 was successful enough to defeat these harmful ballot measures, we knew that the work to uplift the breadth of our communities needed to continue beyond the campaign, especially for those whose stories have traditionally been left out of mainstream media.

The primary focus of this project over the past two years has been centered around sharing the stories of non-binary Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). An advisory committee of BIPOC trans and non-binary folks guides this community-driven effort and reflects the many intersecting communities who are most impacted by injustice—and also most likely to be left out of local and national legislative fights.

Together, we build narratives that uplift the humanity of our communities and authentically share lived experiences. Then, we test, scale, and share these narratives to drive community conversations and change on a local level.

These powerful stories are critical tools to help shift our culture—and ultimately, create a world where we can all be who we are, where we are.


Originally printed in Pride Foundation’s 2019-2020 Gratitude Report

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