Creativity + Fierce Determination

This is not our community’s first health crisis.
What we learned during the AIDS crisis—and have proven time and time again ever since—is that when our communities need us, we show up to support one another even when no one else will.
This value and practice is at the heart of Pride Foundation’s Crisis Community Care Efforts. Together, we have mobilized resources to support organizations most impacted by COVID-19—including those supporting people living with HIV/AIDS.
Many of the HIV/AIDS organizations in the Northwest were formed with very few resources, to provide care in the early days of the AIDS crisis. These organizations relied on creativity and fierce determination to meet the needs of our communities, while also facing the ongoing challenges of stigma, scarce funding, and political inaction. This creativity and dedication continues as HIV/AIDS service organizations now turn to telehealth and curbside nutritional services for patient care—providing the same level of care for our community during the COVID-19 crisis that they have for decades.
Thanks to our many supporters, fast, no-strings-attached funding is being awarded to HIV/AIDS service organizations across the Northwest. We know that more support is needed now, and will continue to be in the weeks and months to come.   
We need one another, now more than ever, to ensure that organizations on the front lines fighting for the health of LGBTQ+ communities can once again survive the impact of a health crisis.
Please make a gift today to support Pride Foundation’s Crisis Community Care Efforts.
Together, we are making it through this crisis and we will continue to draw on our history of resilience as a community to keep going.


Jedidiah Chavez is Pride Foundation’s Regional Director of Community Engagement.

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