Our Day in Court

Yesterday was a pivotal day for LGBTQ+ people in this country.  

Based on the three cases they heard yesterday, the Supreme Court will decide whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects LGBTQ+ people from being discriminated against by our employers.

While SCOTUS’s decision will not be issued until June 2020, we know two things for sure.

First, the outcome of this case will have reverberating impacts on our communities across the country for generations to come.

If the court votes to uphold our right to be our whole selves at work, it could mean that LGBTQ+ people in states like Alaska, Montana, and Idaho without statewide non-discrimination ordinances could gain protection from workplace discrimination federally—and could expand protections for LGBTQ+ communities beyond employment. If unfavorable, it will put every LGBTQ+ person at risk and could have resounding effects that would set our movement back decades.  

Second, regardless of the outcome, these cases are a stark reminder of just how tenuous the protections for LGBTQ+ truly are—and how much is at stake.

We encourage you to read the deeper background and analysis of these important cases. We have especially appreciated Movement Advancement Project’s brief and infographic, and Lambda Legal’s series on Title VII.

While we wait for this life-changing outcome, Pride Foundation will continue our work with each of you with even more determination and resolve. Because every single person deserves to be able to live safely and openly as our full selves—at work, in our homes, in the doctor’s office, or walking down the street.

Regardless of how SCOTUS rules, we believe this vision with our whole hearts and we will never stop fighting alongside you to make it a reality.

Katie Carter is Pride Foundation’s CEO.

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