Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility!

Today we are excited to celebrate the 10th Annual Transgender Day of Visibility!

Since we were founded in 1985, raising visibility for our communities has been a critical part of Pride Foundation’s work. When we share stories of our lives and our experiences, we can build awareness, empathy, and authentic relationships—and get that much closer to a world where we can all be who we are, where we are.

Here are a few ways your support helped increase visibility for trans and gender diverse people in the Northwest this month:

  1. As a member of the Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition (TEEC), we were excited to launch the TEEC Community Survey that will help identify gaps in resources and services that keep trans and gender diverse members of our community trapped in cycles of poverty. If you live, work, or study in King County, WA, please take a moment to take the survey, or share it with your networks.
  2. We are continually inspired by creative opportunities to lift up the voices of trans and gender diverse communities in new and innovative ways, and were excited to support the productions through Portland Opera and Opera Idaho of As One, an opera exploring the story of a transgender heroine named Hannah. Telling Hannah’s story through opera furthers the opportunity to share stories of trans and gender diverse people, raise awareness, and build empathy among audiences across the arts.
  3. Last week, our friends at Funders for LGBTQ Issues released their annual Tracking Report on how foundations nationally are funding LGBTQ+ communities. We are thrilled to share that there was a remarkable 33% increase in funding for trans communities between 2016-2017. While this growth is encouraging, and will be critical for continuing to drive forward the work to achieve equity for trans and gender diverse people, we know that foundation funding for trans communities is still incredibly low and we have a long way to go.

Thank you for all you do to continue showing up for our communities everyday—and we hope you join us today in celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility!

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