Rooted in Resistance: The 49th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots—the uprising that served as a catalyst for the LGBTQ movement as we know it.

The changes we have seen in the past 49 years have been nearly unimaginable, and many within our communities never thought they would see this kind of progress in their lifetimes.

However, that progress has not been equally felt by everyone in our community. Many of the barriers that LGBTQ people of color in particular face on a daily basis are the very same as in 1969.

The stories surrounding Stonewall and the Pride marches that followed are famously controversial—and consistently “whitewashed.” Many of these stories have erased the experiences and voices of the courageous trans femmes and women of color who risked their lives to stand against violence and oppression at the hands of police.

LGBTQ people of color and LGBTQ immigrants and refugees continue to be impacted by oppressive systems and policies that threaten their lives, their families, and their freedom. The urgency of this moment requires the commitment of every single one of us to resist the dehumanizing practices and rulings that threaten our dignity and humanity.

Now, as in the nascent days of our marches, Pride events are inherently political and must be rooted in resistance as much as celebration—in struggle and in pain, as much as in joy.

Today, all of us at Pride Foundation celebrate progress and community, and we do so with an unwavering belief in the possibility of a world where everyone has the opportunity to live openly and safely in the communities they call home.

Here are are some of the articles and videos we have been enjoying this month that highlight Stonewall, LGBTQ political action, and Pride events locally, regionally, and nationally:

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