The Phoenix Two Spirit Native & First Nations Scholarship

This scholarship was created in 2013 by Phoenix Two Spirit for LGBTQ Native and First Nations students who have current or future activism and/or leadership in the Native community.

Words from the Creator:

The Native and First Nations community has faced overwhelming struggles to achieve academic success. As a Cree First Nations person I have seen this all too frequently. It is hard to quantify any single particular experience when historical cultural trauma has made it exceptionally difficult to graduate from high school, much less attend post-secondary education. I know many of my friends have shared in this struggle.

I found an unanswered need for supporting individual Native and First Nations people that are looking to not only achieve academic success, but to complete that circle by giving back their support to Indigenous communities. This is one way that I can help make a change.

Phoenix Two Spirit lives in Marysville, Washington.

Phoenix Benner Native First Nations Scholarship

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