The Bellevue Chapter P-FLAG Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Alex Pava in 1999 and is awarded to East King County High School seniors who have demonstrated their ability to promote leadership in the LGBTQ community through their actions as volunteers and/or advocates.

About the Creators:

Alex Pava created this scholarship the year after his son, Justin, graduated from high school. During this time he was an active member of PFLAG and had run for Bellueve School Board the previous year. Alex, along with co-creators Mike & Carol Balas, felt that creating this scholarship would help bridge the gap between Eastern King County schools and neighboring high schools in the Greater Seattle area. The goal was to support the youth in their community and also raise awareness about PFLAG’s existence on the Eastside. This scholarship has been growing each year and has been presented at various school assemblies.

Alex Pava lives in Bellevue, Washington and Mike & Carol Balas now live in California.

The Bellevue Chapter P Flag Scholarship

2004 winner of the Bellevue Chapter P-FLAG Scholarship

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