Daniella Altfeld-Moreno Scholarship

The Daniella Altfeld-Moreno Scholarship was created to support Latino/Latina youth under age 25 with a preference for students involved in athletics

About the Creation of the Scholarship:

Danny was born on May 3rd 1985 in Mexico City. Danny lived with her parents Emma Moreno and Scott Altfeld in Mexico City for the first years of her life prior to moving to Elyria, Ohio at the age of 6. Danny died in a tragic accident on May 20th, 1996 in Elyria, Ohio.

Daniella identified as a boy and preferred to be called Danny. Danny was a beautiful, smart, creative young person that learned to navigate between two very different worlds and cultures at early age. He began traveling on a plane by himself between Mexico and United States at the young age of seven. He negotiated social norms and gender roles in both countries with humor and creativity. These qualities made Danny an amazing, mature and strong child.

Danny was a story-teller and loved to entertain people with stories in English and Spanish. His favorite stories had to do with how long it would take people to realize his gender. He would enthusiastically talk about saving money to get gender reassignment surgery. Danny was a natural at sports and loved playing baseball and basketball. He was very loved by his family and friends and lives forever in their hearts.

By giving young people the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the Pride Foundation Danny’s short life can continue to be honored year after year.

Emma Moreno lives in Seattle, Washington

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