Counseling LGBTQ Clients in Challenging Times

Presenters from left to right:

Dr. Supriya Kang, SCS Psychiatrist

Donnie Goodman, SCS Deputy Director

Aleks Martin, SCS Project NEON Coordinator and Addictions Program Supervisor

This year, with support from a Pride Foundation Rapid Response Fund Grant, Cardea Services and Seattle Counseling Service were able to host 700 mental health providers from around the Nation for their successful webinar, Counseling LGBTQ Clients in Challenging Times.

The webinar explored the ways in which LGBTQ people are being impacted in response to anti-LGBTQ threats being waged at both local and national levels. They were able to help providers learn the principles of culturally proficient mental health care from experts that have a wealth of experience in the field. The goal was also to teach mental health providers how to respectfully support LGBTQ people as they confront the challenges of increased bigotry.

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