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“I am Skyler Dundas, a 15 year old homosexual demi-boy in 9th grade. I use they/them or he/him pronouns; recently I discovered my gender, sexual, and romantic identity with the help of the R.E.C. Room and Frankie at The Center (South Peninsula Behavioral Health Services).

Without the help of the REC I wouldn’t have met Frankie, and wouldn’t have met all the amazing LGBT+ members of the community. It’s been amazing having this support, especially when I lived with unsupportive family members.

While the LARP group I am a part of is very supportive, I am so grateful to have a place I can go to any day of the week. The Rainbow Army at the REC is something I am thankful for because I can talk to people who have similar experiences. I hope in the future the Rainbow Army and REC can continue to grow and be positive for more people in the community.”

A few words from Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) Executive Director, Catriona Reynolds:

KBFPC provides accessible, inclusive reproductive health services, including healthcare, education and outreach. Additionally, the R.E.C. Room (a youth Resource Enrichment Cooperative) offers teens ages 12-18 years empowering, respectful options using a positive youth development model. Our programs are evidence based, progressive and compassionate.

Traditionally underserved and othered communities experience additional isolation in rural, remote areas. Oftentimes, specialized programs, such as facilities and services solely for the LGBTQ community that are available in more densely populated, urban areas are unavailable.

Around 8 years ago KBFPC purchased the next-door building, which fulfilled a long-time objective of expanding youth services. Since then, two distinct elements have developed in the area of youth programs: the REC Room which hosts the Rainbow Army, and a team of peer educators who teach reproductive health in middle and high schools.

As an actively and proudly inclusive organization we have emphasized client materials and forms to accommodate and welcome LGBTQ clients and participants. In many cases we are referred to as the de facto resource, not only for the LGBTQ individuals themselves, but for other professionals who serve them. Recognizing this we have identified trainings for staff and developed in house expertise and appropriate referrals.

One of the young people that attends our youth support group is Skyler Dundas. I reached out to Skyler, because I have noticed him grow in confidence and enthusiasm in the relatively short time—about 8 months—he has been spending time at the REC Room. I was delighted that he felt comfortable introducing himself and sharing some of his story.

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Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic is a 2017-2018 Pride Foundation Community Grant Recipient.

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