The Latest: Workplace Protections Withdrawn

Yesterday, Attorney General Sessions and the Trump Administration rolled back workplace protections for our transgender friends, family, and neighbors—arguing that the part of our civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex no longer encompasses gender identity.


While we suspected this administration would continue to take away protections for our community, with this action they sent another inhumane message, loud and clear—that any employer should be able to fire a transgender or gender diverse person, like myself, just because of who we are.


This is a stark reminder of how hard we must continue fighting to establish and protect our local city and state anti-discrimination protections. We will not stop working until, together, we can build a world where the ability to live openly and safely—without fear of being fired—is not determined by state lines.


The road to justice is long, and we know we will continue to face both unpredictable and harsh obstacles as we continue supporting our community. But with you by our side, I know we can keep moving forward.


Jeremiah Allen is the Project Director for TRANSform Washington, a public education campaign supported by Pride Foundation, celebrating the dignity, diversity and humanity of transgender and gender-diverse people. 

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