We Will Do Everything We Can to Protect One Another

If there were any remaining questions about how LGBTQ people would be treated by the Trump administration, we received a crystal clear answer last week when they announced they would revoke the guidance that protected transgender students from discrimination in schools.

This action ruthlessly targets some of the most vulnerable within our community: transgender youth and children. This move will not change Title IX, the federal law upon which the original guidance from the Obama administration was based. Ultimately, its only function is to affirm that discrimination against transgender and gender diverse youth in schools is not only acceptable, but expected. This action reinforces to transgender youth and adults that they are not worthy of protection—and it will encourage harassment, bullying, and violence.

The callousness of this announcement is shocking, though not surprising. We have seen this administration continuously take aim at the humanity of so many within our communities who were already marginalized: immigrants, Native people, Muslims, women. It was only a matter of time before LGBTQ people were explicitly targeted. And this may be just the start.

Right now, we need to be steadfast in our support for one another.

Since launching our Rapid Response Fund just two weeks ago, we have been deeply encouraged by the response from supporters like you and from organizations on the ground mobilizing to serve and support those most vulnerable in this moment. However, we know that we are just at the beginning of this fight to protect our youth, families, and communities.

Today, we ask you to invest in this critical Rapid Response Fund, and join us as we come together to strengthen our movements for the long road ahead.

We know that LGBTQ people and other vulnerable communities will continue to be sacrificed by this administration and subjected to even more hate and harm. In difficult moments like this, I remember the words Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch shared when issuing the original guidance that protected transgender students:
“We see you; we stand with you; and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward.”

Thank you.

Kris Hermanns is Pride Foundation’s CEO. Email Kris.

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