A Whole New Magnitude of Change in Oregon

We are at a pivotal point in our work to create a more fair and equitable world. We must unite to protect our recent policy wins and further build on them to create safe, affirming communities for all of us.

To make possible a bolder and more innovative movement for equality in Oregon, Equity Foundation has joined with Pride Foundation’s regional network. The grantmaking, scholarships, and advised funds of Equity Foundation are now part of Pride Foundation’s investments and leadership in Oregon. By joining together, we will be better able to connect our communities, spark new efforts, and amplify the ideas that will allow all of us to live safely, openly, and genuinely.

Join us to foster a culture of affirmation in every Oregon community — from the docks of Astoria to the ranches of Harney County.

  • Consider making an investment in our Oregon community. By unifying our philanthropic efforts, we will be able to provide organizations and students with more guidance, resources, and regional networks than ever before. Our merger expanded opportunities for donors.Now, when making a donation, you can choose to invest in:
      • Equity Legacy Fund: A perpetual fund designed to support LGBTQ Oregonians for generations to come.
      • Oregon Opportunity Fund: A strategic resource for Oregon’s LGBTQ community that is designed to be responsive to unforeseen circumstances and innovative ideas.
      • Pride Foundation’s General Fund: Inspiring and strengthening the LGBTQ community across Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

In addition, you can also choose to make an investment through:

  • Attend an event. Visit our events page to find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

Our Oregon team is excited to work with you to strengthen the fabric that holds all of us together. Contact us to talk further.

Katie Carter
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kim Sogge
Regional Development Organizer in Oregon

Brandy Pirtle-Guiney
Board Member

Ron Brey
Board Member, former Equity Board member

Caryn Brooks
Board Member, former Equity Board member

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Including more people in our victories, by Carl Wilson

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