There are no words

Dear Pride Foundation Family & Friends,

I have written and rewritten this email countless times since last night, trying to find the right thing to say. But there are no words.

When it feels like divisiveness and hate have won out over unity and hope, the only place in which we will find solace is one another. It is in our loved ones and our communities where we will find our strength, our hope, and our ability to keep going and build the world that reflects our values.

Many of us may have moved through this day with a deeply unsettling feeling of uncertainty—and a whole range of other emotions—trying to make sense of what has happened and what it means. 

Even as we waited for the first election returns last night, we knew our work would never really be over. Ensuring that our values of equity, fairness, love, and justice prevail for all of us is the work of lifetimes.

I am also allowing myself to remember that elections do not define who we are or what we stand for. And while so many of our communities have been targeted in this election, we will not accept that we deserve less than our full humanity. We will not apologize for being who we are and for believing that the ideals of this country include us.

We have worked too hard, for too long, to get to where we are. We aren’t giving up. We have been here before. Our values and our commitment have never been stronger or more important than they are at this moment.

There is too much at stake.

Thank you for being here with us, through all of this.


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