Seattle Mayor Signs Proclamation for ‘Pride Foundation Day’

Today, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proclaims this day as Pride Foundation Day in the city of Seattle. We are grateful to the Mayor and his administration in supporting the progress we’ve made together in the last 30 years for our LGBTQ community across the Northwest.

The proclamation announcement kicks-off our region-wide celebrations for Pride Foundation’s 30th Anniversary.

Read the proclamation below:

Whereas, this year, more than 200 pieces of legislation targeting LGBTQ people nationwide threatened to strip us of our most basic human rights, and we have been confronted with devastating levels of violence from Orlando to Baton Rouge, Minneapolis to Dallas; and

Whereas, since its foundation, Pride Foundation was created by and has stood with the LGBTQ community through times of celebratory joy and deep mourning, and has forged a vision for the future build on the community’s resilience and resourcefulness; and

Whereas, the City of Seattle is committed to working towards equality, celebrating the diversity and focusing on our shared humanity; and

Whereas, this September, Pride Foundation comes together as a family to celebrate its 30th anniversary and to celebrate the enormous progress our community has made possible over the past three decades; and

Whereas, since 1985, Pride Foundation has worked to address some of the greatest challenges we face – from HIV and AIDS, to homelessness, to discrimination in healthcare, housing, and the workplace – we look forward to continuing the work together towards a brighter future;

Now, therefore I, Edward B. Murray, Mayor of Seattle, do hereby proclaim September 30, 2016 to be Pride Foundation Day.

View the Proclamation here.

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