Introducing TRANSform Washington

Transgender and gender nonconforming people are part of our families, workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, and places of worship.

Yet, only 23% of people in Washingtonians say they personally know someone who is transgender.

Just this past year, we witnessed how this disconnect and lack of experience has allowed for an increase in attacks against our state’s 10 year-old anti-discrimination law.

By July, opponents of equality hoped to gather enough signatures to repeal our state’s anti-discrimination law but were unsuccessful. However, work is already underway to duplicate these efforts at both the legislative level and on the 2017 ballot.

Today we’re proud to launch TRANSform Washington—a new statewide public education campaign that will increase understanding of transgender people’s experience and celebrate the dignity, diversity, and humanity of transgender and gender diverse people.

Pride Foundation remains committed to countering any effort to erase the progress we have made towards full equality, and we were honored to have been awarded a generous grant from a national funding partner to support the launch of TRANSform Washington.

Take a moment to read more and spread the word about the campaign to help create a safer world for transgender and gender nonconforming Washingtonians.

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