PRIDE in MT: An Acrostic

We’re featuring PRIDE acrostics from each of our Regional Development Organizers (RDO), Kim Leighton, Montana RDO, shares what PRIDE in Montana means to her:

P_Pride AcrosticPower of Community: the strength of individuals, organizations, and businesses such as Blackfoot Brewery and Hub Coffee, supporting LGBTQ Montanans carries us forward and instills Pride. Without each other, we couldn’t realize full lived and legal equality.


R_Pride AcrosticResilience: there is incredible resilience with the LGBTQ community. The obstacles, challenges, and prejudice that we overcome such as homophobic slurs, misgendering, and negative chatter in the restrooms, is a great result of our community’s resilience.


I_Pride Acrostic

Identities: the multiple identities we carry individually enriches our experience as LGBTQ Montanans. We move with confidence and pride-whether in Bozeman, Miles City, of the Blackfeet Reservation-our diverse identities make us strong.


D_Pride AcrosticDrive: our pride comes with a drive that keeps us moving forward, especially during the more difficult times, because we know our hard work will pay-off for LGBTQ Montanans. I attribute that to the innate resilience of being queer and the grit and determination that Montana instills in all of us.


E_Pride Acrostic

Environment: we take pride in equal access to Montana’s Missouri River, Flathead Lake, and Mt. Helena. All LGBTQ people have the freedom to explore the environment free from discrimination and mistreatment.


Help build a brighter future for the LGBTQ community by including Pride Foundation in your will or estate plans. Your bequest or estate gift will help make sure that together our community has the resources it needs to meet the challenges that remain, and ensure full lived equality for all LGBTQ people. Contact Alli Auldridge, Director of Community Engagement to learn more about including Pride Foundation in your plans.


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