PRIDE in ID: An Acrostic

We’re featuring PRIDE acrostics from each of our Regional Development Organizers (RDO), Steve Martin, Idaho RDO, shares what PRIDE in Idaho means to him:

P_Pride AcrosticPerseverance: Perseverance to always stand up and hold our heads high, even in the face of adversity and intolerance, and triumph.



R_Pride AcrosticResilience: Resilience to be strong and fight on to that eventual day of “adding the words” and protecting all LGBTQ Idahoans from discrimination.



I_Pride Acrostic

Invincible: LGBTQ Idahoans are invincible and will never allow themselves to be pushed aside.



D_Pride AcrosticDetermination: Determination is how we WILL one day effect lasting change on the road to LGBTQ equality in Idaho.




E_Pride Acrostic

Endurance: Endurance – along with perseverance, resilience, remaining invincible, and determination – will help us carry the day.



Help build a brighter future for the LGBTQ community by including Pride Foundation in your will or estate plans. Your bequest or estate gift will help make sure that together our community has the resources it needs to meet the challenges that remain, and ensure full lived equality for all LGBTQ people. Contact Alli Auldridge, Director of Community Engagement to learn more about including Pride Foundation in your plans.

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