Today is International Trans Day of Visibility

Each year, observed on March 31, International Transgender Day of Visibility celebrates and lifts up the leadership and lives of transgender people, and raises awareness about the issues transgender people face on a daily basis.

This year’s theme, More Than Visibility (#MoreThanVisibility), seeks to recognize that while visibility is important, it will take education and dialogue to confront transphobia and create a truly inclusive world—locally, nationally, and on a global scale.

More than Visibility means freedom from discrimination in schools and in the workplace. It means freedom from violence and sexual harassment. Freedom from homelessness, abuse, and unemployment. Freedom from medical discrimination, lack of health care, and mental health services.

From Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera to local modern-day activists such as Marsha Botzer, Drew Phoenix, Bree Sutherland, and Gabriel Foster, to the proud trans members of our staff and board—we pay tribute to all those who have boldly shared their stories, spoken out against discrimination, and created the path toward full lived and legal equality in the Northwest.

Get informed. Get involved. Stand with your transgender friends and family. Share posts, talk to your friends, educate, inform, inspire, and make a difference.

Soon enough, we’ll be celebrating Transgender Day of Equality.

#TDOV #MoreThanVisibility


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