Success: Pride Foundation Exceeds Goal to Establish Scholarship for Jewish LGBTQ Students!

Pride Foundation is excited to announce the establishment of the Bashert Scholarship!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have now officially created the first scholarship in the country for Jewish LGBTQ students!

Beginning with two scholarships in the 2015-2016 school year, the Bashert Scholarship will empower students to achieve their full potential, while honoring and celebrating the vibrant Jewish LGBTQ community in the Northwest.

Establishing this scholarship was critical for Pride Foundation because it gets to the heart of why our work is so important. It is about building the sense of belonging and connection that we all need, while acknowledging the multiple identities we hold.

The Bashert Scholarship allows us to honor and celebrate students for their full selves and the full scope of their lived experiences. It signifies to students who identify as both LGBTQ and Jewish that both communities support them and believe in their full potential.

We’ll leave you with these words from Pride Foundation scholar Carmel Aronson: “Pride Foundation is making a statement [to Jewish LGBTQ students] that we see you, we know who you are, and we want you here. You don’t have to lose, or hide a critical piece of yourself in order to be accepted in the queer community.”

Thank you—we truly couldn’t have achieved this without you. A big thanks to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle for hosting our project through their crowdfunding platform, J-Kick.

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